The Community Health Toolkit

The Community Health Toolkit (CHT) is a project by a group of leading organizations who have come together to support the development of digital health initiatives in the hardest-to-reach areas. It provides a collection of open source technologies and open access design, technical, and implementer resources that help you build and deploy digital tools for community health. Together, we envision a world where healthcare is of the highest attainable quality, equitable, accessible, and delivered by people who are trusted in their communities. 

Creating Open Source Technology Together

Developers and designers in our open source community work together to build and expand the technical components that powers apps built with the Community Health Toolkit, explore new integrations, and create reference applications that serve as templates for the creation of new digital health apps.

According to OpenHub.net, our Core Framework is in the top 10% of highly-active open source projects around the globe. Want to join us or build a new integration? Check out our “Get Involved” page on Github. or join us on our Community Forum


Community Principles

The individuals and organizations that make up our community have come together to:

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Advance universal health coverage

Work towards integrated care and universal health coverage (UHC) as the new status quo, so that care reaches everyone when and where they need it.

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Build open source software

Open source advances accountability, encourages local ownership and adaptation, and supports standards that enable collaboration and efficient data sharing.

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Invest in open access resources

Share resources for designers, implementers, and system leaders to support open access care delivery models that lower barriers to scaleable, sustained impact.

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Practice human-centered design

Human-centered and participatory design is crucial in building, scaling, and studying new technologies and strategies. Organizations and resources are included because of their contribution to implementations and shared learning.


The Community Health Toolkit and its members also support the Design for Health community and endorses the Principles for Digital Development and the Principles of Donor Alignment for Digital Health.

Our Partners

The Community Health Toolkit is supported by, and works in partnership with, a diverse range of organizations including global health NGOs, technical organizations, governments, and research institutions. 

Hundreds of individuals also contribute to the Community Health Toolkit as designers, developers, researchers, health policy experts, community health system implementers, and frontline health workers. If you are interested in joining the community or contributing to the Community Health Toolkit, we’d love to hear from you!

Photo credit to Laxmi Kaul

Photo credit to Laxmi Kaul


Get Involved

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First time contributor? Issues labeled help wanted are a great place to start. Looking for other ways to help? You can also:

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